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    ਫਰੀਦਾ ਕਿੜੀ ਪਵੰਦੀਈ

    rIdw kwlˆØI ijnI n rwivAw DaulI rwvY koie ] (1378-10, slok, syK PrId)
    Fareed, those who did not enjoy their Spouse when their hair was black – hardly any of them enjoy Him when their hair turns grey.
    PrIdw kwlI DaulI swihbu sdw hY jy ko iciq kry ] (1378-11, slok, mhlw 3)
    Fareed, whether one’s hair is black or grey, our Lord and Master is always here if one remembers Him.
    jo sYqwin vM\wieAw sy ikq Pyrih icq ]15] (1378-14, slok, syK PrId)
    But those whom the devil has spoiled – how can they turn their consciousness towards God?
    PrIdw Kwku n inMdIAY KwkU jyfu n koie ] (1378-15, slok, syK PrId)
    Fareed, do not slander the dust; noting is as great as dust.
    jIvidAw pYrw qlY muieAw aupir hoie ]17] (1378-16, slok, syK PrId)
    When we are alive, it is under our feet, and when we are dead, it is above us. ||17||
    PrIdw mMfp mwlu n lwie mrg sqwxI iciq Dir ] (1380-19, slok, syK PrId)
    Fareed, do not focus on mansions and wealth; center your consciousness on death, your powerful enemy.
    PrIdw iet isrwxy Buie svxu kIVw liVE mwis ] (1381-9, slok, syK PrId)
    Fareed, a stone will be your pillow, and the earth will be your bed. The worms shall eat into your flesh.

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