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    rIdw BMnI GVI svMnvI tutI nwgr lju ] (1381-10, slok, syK PrId)
    Fareed, your beautiful body shall break apart, and the subtle thread of the breath shall be snapped.
    PrIdw qnu sukw ipMjru QIAw qlIAW KUMfih kwg ] (1382-12, slok, syK PrId)
    Fareed, my withered body has become a skeleton; the crows are pecking at my palms.
    AjY su rbu n bwhuiVE dyKu bMdy ky Bwg ]90] (1382-13, slok, syK PrId)
    Even now, God has not come to help me; behold, this is the fate of all mortal beings. ||90||
    kwgw krMg FFoilAw sglw KwieAw mwsu ] (1382-13, slok, syK PrId)
    The crows have searched my skeleton, and eaten all my flesh.
    ey duie nYnw miq Cuhau ipr dyKn kI Aws ]91] (1382-14, slok, syK PrId)
    But please do not touch these eyes; I hope to see my Lord. ||91||

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