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    O my Lord and Master,

    qY swihb kI mY swr n jwnI ] (794-11, sUhI, PrId jI)
    O my Lord and Master, I do not know Your excellence and worth.
    jobnu Koie pwCY pCuqwnI ]1] rhwau ] (794-11, sUhI, PrId jI)
    Having wasted my youth, now I come to regret and repent. ||1||Pause||
    PrIdw BUim rMgwvlI mMiJ ivsUlw bwgu ] (966-2, rwmklI, mhlw 5)
    Fareed, this world is beautiful, but there is a thorny garden within it.
    jo nr pIir invwijAw iqn@w AMc n lwg ]1] (966-2, rwmklI, mhlw 5)
    Those who are blessed by their spiritual teacher are not even scratched. ||1||
    PrIdw aumr suhwvVI sMig suvMnVI dyh ] (966-3, rwmklI, mhlw 5)
    Fareed, blessed is the life, with such a beautiful body.
    ivrly kyeI peIAin@ ijn@w ipAwry nyh ]2] (966-3, rwmklI, mhlw 5)
    How rare are those who are found to love their Beloved Lord. ||2||

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