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    The Bridhe to

    vwlhu inkI purslwq kMnI n suxI Awie ] (1377-18, slok, syK PrId)
    The bridge to hell is narrower than a hair; haven’t you heard of it with your ears?
    PrIdw dr drvysI gwKVI clW dunIAW Biq ] (1377-19, slok, syK PrId)
    Fareed, it is so difficult to become a humble Saint at the Lord’s Door.
    PrIdw jy jwxw iql QoVVy sMmil buku BrI ] (1378-2, slok, syK PrId)
    Fareed, if I had known that I had so few sesame seeds, I would have been more careful with them in my hands.
    jy jwxw lVu iCjxw pIfI pweIN gMiF ] (1378-3, slok, syK PrId)
    If I had known that my robe would come loose, I would have tied a tighter knot.
    PrIdw jo qY mwrin mukIAW iqn@w n mwry GuMim ] (1378-5, slok, syK PrId)
    Fareed, do not turn around and strike those who strike you with their fists.
    AwpnVY Gir jweIAY pYr iqn@w dy cuMim ]7] (1378-5, slok, syK PrId)
    Kiss their feet, and return to your own home. ||7||

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